A message from Bear Creek Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary concerning the WSPA report done about Bear Creek and other wildlife sanctuaries in September of 2005.

Animal Protection Groups or Animal Activists?
If animal activists have their way we will not be eating meat, wearing leather or fur, there will be no more rodeos, horse back riding, dog sledding, fishing or hunting. There will be no more circuses, aquariums or zoos. Forget about Christmas turkey. Most farms that are already struggling due to mad cow disease restrictions and avian flu threats would be forced to shut down because according to these groups the animals are not kept in a humane way. Some of these groups prey on older people for donations, wills and bequests. Here is our resonse to the WSPA report of September 2005 and some of their complaints about Bear Creek.

"No conservation message. "
This logo, "Extinct Is Forever", appears on our website, signs, t-shirts, and on all of our vehicles. How anyone could miss it is beyond us.

" One wolf missing her tail"
We are an animal sanctuary and don't believe in euthanizing a perfectly healthy animal because she is missing her tail. She is still beautiful.

"Small, barren exhibits"

Not really small or barren.

"No scratching posts, no climbing structures"

Jakub loves his hammock
Tsunami on his platform

Are we supposed to wrap the trees in carpet?
Jade and Nala on their platform
Platform and house all in one

"No enrichment."

Please g o to our enrichment page.
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Our animals are as healthy as can be, physically and mentally.

Contrary to the WSPA report our bears are not declawed, have lots of enrichment, and certainly aren't displaying stereortypical pacing. There is no hard substrate in any of our enclosures, there are lockouts in every enclosure, and yes, our lions like to sleep after a good meal. So do we, by the way. There were dozens of errors in this "report".

Bear Creek does not have the resources that big zoos have, but our animals are 100% well cared for. Maybe WSPA should put their money where their mouths are and share their donations with small nonprofit sanctuaries, if they really want to help the animals, rather than wasting it on useless inaccurate reports. It is easy to criticize.

We asked Simba and Diablo what they thought about the WSPA report.
They didn't have much to say.


Thank you Beth and Andrzej for taking the time to capture these beautiful
pictures and for sharing them with us!

Bear Creek Sanctuary is private property. It is not a
forum for protest. The proprietors reserve the right to refuse entry to
any person and, in particular, to any member or affiliate of WSPA, PETA,
Zoo Check and other similar animal rights organizations. Members or
affiliates of those organizations found on these premises without express
written permission from Bear Creek Sanctuary will be charged with
trespassing pursuant to the Trespass to Property Act of Ontario.

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