Become a Volunteer!
Students under 18 years old must get parents to sign a release waiver. Co-op students are always welcome. Assist with daily food preparation, feeding, watering and cleaning. Keep work areas clean and well organized. Maintain grounds: Grass cutting, check animal enclosures and notify staff of any required repairs. Assist with public presentations, special tours, educational programs or any other functions.

Please note: Starting in June of 2010 a $100.00 one time non-refundable fee to volunteer will now be charged to offset initial administration and training expenses, as well as ensuring that applicants are giving their decision to volunteer with our special animals the serious consideration that it requires. Please contact Mary for more information on our volunteer program.
(705) 721-4730

We also accept high school students for their volunteer hours and co-op hours.
Please call or email Mary for more information.
(705) 721-4730

This is what a typical breakfast looks like. This is food for the monkeys, the lemurs, the coatimundis, the raccoons and the deer. They also get treats, like dates or figs, fresh corn or watermelon in season, and jam or honey and peanut butter sandwiches. The deer get chopped carrots, grain (corn, cracked corn, molasses feed, and enhanced deer pellets), and hay, ferns, or maple leaves every day. They love fresh corn on the cob! Thanks for the pictures, Alanna!
Breakfast at Bear Creek
Breakfast at Bear Creek
Breakfast at Bear Creek
Breakfast at Bear Creek

We would like to thank our current special volunteer
friends for their very precious time:

Kat Berrington
Beth Boddy

Pete Collette
Sandi Collette
Evren Cubukgil
Alanna Davis
Mike Easson
Nikki Engel
Liz Ferreira
Courtney Giuliani
Jordan Harland
Laura Koe
Jennifer MacFarlane
Tiory Martin
Trevor McKenzie
Emily Melchiorre
Anne Riddell
Stephanie Russell-Baigent
Julie Silva
Rebecca Sousa
Ron Sterling
Dana Taramina

Kelly Tremblay
Lori Winott

Over the years, many other friends have volunteered and helped
out the Bear Creek Sanctuary and we sincerely thank them all from
the bottom of our hearts.