Private Tours!

October 13, 2017

Thank you so much to all of our tour guests for 2017! We had a wonderful time and
hope you did too. Please book a tour for next year! We will start booking tours in the spring of
2018, watch here, Facebook and Twitter for our announcement. Your continued support allows
us to take care of our animals and continue to rescue more.

Private Tour : Minimum donation - $50.00/Adult, $25.00/Child ages 10 to 16.

Please note that tours may take up to 3+ hours.
Children under the age of 10 are not permitted - please don't ask for an exception!
We may have to cancel tours due to inclement weather. We will reschedule you as soon as possible.
Prior purchased certificates are valid for the same season only.
Please note, we do not have any interact or credit card access.

With over 120 animals to care for we thank you for your continuous support!

To book a private tour please call Mary at 705-721-4730 or email

Farah - Serval Hoolia - Great Horned Owl Kazan - Siberian Tiger Sierrah - Cougar Tessa - Siberian Tiger Zulu - African Lion Tiwi - Wallby

(Faraa, Louise, Kaya, Sierrah, Tessa, Zulu and Tiwi)

Private tours are by appointment only and are dependant on the weather. Tours are not scheduled on
Wednesdays or Sundays. Tours may be cancelled without notice - we are often called upon to provide
immediate rescue options to animals in need and that work will override any social engagements we have scheduled. Payment for additional guests is due at the time of the tour.

Group on tour Julie and Elsa Kids and Sameera
Watering Private Tours Private Tours

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To book a private tour please call Mary at 705-721-4730 or email


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