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Corporate Retreats

Corporate Retreats are a great way to reward your team, act as an incentive, build team spirit, or be a reward for completion of a big project. We will design a program specifically suited to your needs which will include a tour of the sanctuary, working with our staff and animals, and lunch after. We can design a "Corporate Challenge" or a working retreat involving everyday chores with our staff and perhaps playing with available baby animals. Minimum of 10 people per retreat please. For information about our sanctuary please call or email Mary.
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Corporate Retreat Adventure Day! Building team spirit...
Begin your day by meeting all the staff of Bear Creek Sanctuary along with an educational tour of our facility. Meet all the animals who have been given a second chance in life, a chance to live the rest of their lives with us.
Corporate Retreat - Orientation Corporate Retreat - Tour Corporate Retreat - Tour
Corporate Retreat - Meeting Jahzara (Jaglion)
Meeting Jahzara, female jaglion

Corporate Retreat - Meeting Kamen (Siberian Tiger
Meeting Kamen, Siberian tiger
Spend the day assisting our animal caregivers with their daily chores, preparing all the primate, herbivore, omnivore and parrot foods.
Corporate Retreat - Preparing Breakfsat
Prepping Breakfast
Corporate Retreat - Preparing Breakfast Corporate Retreat - Preparing Breakfast
Prepping Breakfast
Assist with maintaining the carnivore enclosures by cleaning up their surroundings and refreshing their bedding.
Corporate Retreat - Team Cougar Cleaning
Team Cougar
(Cleaned 4 cougar enclosures!)
Corporate Retreat - Pink Boots Corporate Retreat - Team Tiger Cleaning
Team Tiger
(Cleaned 4 tiger enclosures!)
Enjoy a day of physical endurance and the relaxing atmosphere by surrounding yourself with these beautiful and magnificient animals. Soothing for the mind and soul.
Feel the love the animals give back when you offer your own.
Tonka, Cougar
Tonka -Cougar
Jahzara, jaglion
Jahzara - Jaglion
Ussuri - Siberian Tiger
Ussuri - Siberian Tiger
Corporate Retreat - Lunch
Corporate Retreat
The Group!
Corporate Retreat - The Water Game
The Water Game
Enjoy some animal interaction
Corporate Retreat - Feeding
Feeding Coco Bird (Cockatoo)
Be prepared to smile because you see something beautiful, cry because you heard something sad, and laugh at all the funny things they do.
Corporate Retreat - Diablo eats ice cream
Yes, that's a jaguar eating ice cream.
Corporate Retreat - Wolf Puppies Eat Ice Cream
And wolf puppies.
Wakanda and Nequa
Corporate Retreat - Sasha Eats Ice Cream
And a Siberian tiger.
So get ready to get dirty, pick up stuff you never thought you would, and most important be ready for how proud you will be of youself at the end of the day. Leave here with the most memorable feelings of what you gave on this day and wanting to come back again.

Thank you to the ladies of JONES DesLauriers Blevins Insurance Group Inc. for giving us a great day!

Bear Creek Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary is dedicated to the education of people everywhere about conservation, habitat destruction, responsible environmental care and the care and rescue of all wild animals. In today's society, children can identify approximately 1000 different corporate logos and cannot identify 12 different types of birds. Although we use the larger animals in logos to indicate strength and power, children are often not aware of the natural beauty that each species represents and the continuing plight of such animals.