Nequa's eyes

Allana and tiny cub 9 days old, with Alanna Tiory and baby cub
Dana and tiny black cub

Dana with one of the black cubs,
9 days old
Allana and bigger cub
This is the same cub as in the above photo 10 days later. They grow so fast!
Bottle feeding tiny wolf cub
They need to be fed every 2 hours
Dana and tiny brown cub
Baby girl cub gets bigger

This is the baby girl cub
Baby Girl at 6 weeks
This is Baby Girl at 6 weeks old.
Wofl cub sticking his tongue out

19 days old
Baby Nequa
This is Nequa, (nee-KWAH) the male brown cub. The others aren't named yet.
Nequa means "Native Son" in Lakota
Andrzej steals a cub
Andrzej, our photographer, tries to
steal a cub. Mary checks our pockets
when we leave.
Tiory and Allana and 3 wolf cubs
Piles of puppies! 9 days old.
Nequa under the couch
Sometimes under the couch is the best place in the world.
Allana and the black cubs
Alanna and the black cubs, 19 days old.
Nequa under the couch
This is Nequa.
Wolf cubs go for a walk
Mary and Tiory take the cubs for a walk.
They are now 6 weeks old.
Wolf cubs go for a walk Wolf cubs go for a walk
Here we go!
Exploring the bushes
All four off into the bushes
Baby girl in the grass
Baby Girl in the grass
blackpup is in the grass
Hiding in the grass is fun!
Baby Girl wolf cub Black cub face Nequa and Blue explore
Let's play!
Enough exploring, let's go play!
Tiory gets mobbed
Tiory gets mobbed.
Nequa pees
Well, what else do you do in the grass?
Baby Girl chews shoe
Do all puppies have a thing about shoes?
Black cub steals shoe
That's a yes.
Baby Girl steals hat
I guess it goes for hats too.
Nequa steals a camera
And cameras.
Cubs argue about dominance
This is a dominance discussion.
Mary and the pups
Love ya, mom, but gotta go!
Dana feeds wolf cub The cubs are still being bottle fed. Tiory feeds wolf cub How about lunch and then a nap? Nequa sleeping
Yep. Nap.
In June the puppies went on their first adventure. Go see!