We have many species of animals at Bear Creek, here are all of our non-primate, non-feline and non canine animals. They have come to us for many reasons, some were zoo surplus, some are from other sanctuaries that have had to close, and some were pet surrenders or confiscations.


  Bambi Jr (White Tailed Deer)  

  Bat Colony
(African Long Haired Fruit Bats)

  Binks (Raccoon)  

  Bongo (Pony)  

(American Miniature Horse)

  Jivala (Kinkajou)  

(Americn Miniature Horse)

(American Miniature Horse)

  Sydney (Three Toed Sloth)  

  Tiwi (Wallaby)  

Rest In Peace

Well lived, well loved, very much missed

Annie Allama (Llama) Kody (Coatimundi) Darwin (Koatimundi)

  Dayzee (Raccoon)