Canadian and Siberian Lynx
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Lynx Canadensis and Lynx Lynx
Life span is 10 to 20 years
Canada and Alaska south into Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Montana. Parts of New England, New York, Michigan and Wisconsin. Also parts of Europe and the Soviet Union.

The lynx has an exceptional sense of smell that helps it detect prey over varying distances, depending on the animal. Rat, 250 feet, rabbit, 1,000 feet, reindeer, 2,000 feet. The lynx is found in forests among dense vegetation. It is a nocturnal hunter. The male marks his territory by shredding the bark on the tree trunks and spraying them with urine. Like a domestic cat, the lynx buries its droppings. Still, when it is marking the boundary of its territory, it leaves them unburied to warn other animals of its presence.

The Lynx has long tufts of fur on its ears that help it to sense vibration. Its feet are large, round, and padded underneath to help it travel over deep snow.