Born October 19, 2002

Bwana will always think
Mary is her mom

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On June 12, 2016, Bwana became very ill with pyometra, or infection of her uterus. She was taken to the veterinary school at the University of Guelph for emergency surger and recovered well. The following are our posts about Bwana's experince from our What's New page. The original posts are at the bottom.


August 25, 2016

Beautiful Bwana approximately 8 weeks after her emergency pyometra surgery! She is doing really well.
Back in her old enclosure with tiger sister Kaya, eating and behaving normally. (VERY friendly!) We are extremely pleased and grateful for her continued recovery.

June 24, 2016

Bwana is recovering from her surgery well. She is eating, coming to the fence to say hello, and doing big belly stretches. She is much more relaxed and is in less pain. She probably still has some discomfort, this was very extensive surgery and she has a very large incision. Here's a picture of Bwana from today, sleepy and basking
in the sun. We are very happy with our girl so far! The material you can see on her belly that is peeling is a biodegradable bandage material designed to keep her incision clean. After a while it will all disintegrate, which means we won't have to sedate her to remove it.

June 12, 2016

We apologize for being out of touch this past week, but we have been very busy getting
our primates outside after the cold spell the past while. But that has not been the only reason. We
have had a very difficult time since Saturday morning. One of our beautiful ladies, Bwana our lioness,
was not her normal self Saturday morning. Our veterinary Dr. Cathy Emms, which by now we are all familiar
with,was called to come by and see Bwana. Bwana has never been ill a day in her 14 years, and when she
did not give us her morning greeting, we knew we had a problem. A BIG one. Dr Emms, sedated and
got working on her with fluids, antibiotics and painkillers and blood work. 20 minutes later, blood work
show Bwana had an extremely high level of WBC. She has a major infection going on. When animals can't
tell you what is wrong, it makes it very difficult to discover the problem. We hoped for the best for Sunday
but there was no change. We needed an x-ray. So Monday morning, we asked Dr. Drew Hunnisett if he could
stop by with his mobile x-ray machine, and so he did. Only problem was, the x-ray machine was not clear enough
for a good enough image. to Guelph we go Tuesday morning. The following pictures will show before Guelph
OVC visit and at OVC for treatment. Because we did not know where the infection was, (although
Dr. Emms had suspected a blockage or possibly a closed pyometra) we had to do imaging and then a scope.
In doing so, Bwana's incision is stem to sternum. The discovery was also pyometra. Once again. Apparently
common in large cats. I will post an article about that later. Very interesting read. After closely monitoring
Bwana for 2 days, we have moved her into a temporary enclosure next to her pen mate Kaya. Bwana has
a long road ahead as her recovery will take some time. Full recovery is expected to take up to 3
months. At the moment, we are hoping the next 2 weeks go smoothly. So far, I am having to say, I am sad
she is not recovering as well as I had hoped. It is very hard to see such a social and happy lioness look so sad, and
me feelso helpless. We are going to get through this. I will post the names of all the wonderful people who
made up an incredible team to get Bwana through the 7 hour surgery as soon as I get all their names.


Dr Drew Hunnisett & Dr Cathy Emms (and team) to the rescue doing films too see what's wrong.

Bwana at OVC Guelph

Bwana at OVC Guelph

Bwana on her way to surgery

Bwana Day 2, basking in the sun.