On December 19 and 20, 2005, Dr. Darryl Bossence and the staff at Barrie Chiropractic and Health Services Centres in Barrie and in Cookstown donated all of the professional fees collected for those two days to the Bear Creek Exotic Wildlife Sanctuary. We would like to take this time to sincerely thank Dr. Darryl, Vivian, Pam, Jackie and all of their patients for their heartfelt donation of $1,975.00, which will go such a long way to help our very large family. Many of Dr. Darryl's patients booked these days specifically to help Bear Creek. We can't thank you enough.

A representative from Barrie radio station Life 100.3 also attended the benefit in Barrie and left a donation of $250.00. Thank you, so much, for your help.

Our loveable raccoon, Dayzee, also attended both clinics, to the delight of our youngest attendees Alexis and Ashley. Dayzee is a great babysitter.

photos of Dayzee and friends courtesy of Barrie Chiropractic and Health Services Centre

Got any food?

Hm. No food.

Ear check!

Dayzee makes sure the car seat is safety approved.