Our Benefactors and Friends

We would like to thank our thoughtful benefactors and friends
for their generous donations and gifts

Barrie Hill Farms
Kat Berrington
Beth Boddy
Peter and Sandi Collette
Dr. Sherri Cox, Natiinal Wildlife Centre
Evren Cubukgil
Chris Dias
Donna and CrowDog
Gwen Easson
Mike Easson
Shirley Eikhard
The Nelson Arthur Hyland Foundaton
Ivy Veterinary Services, Dr Cathy Emms & staff
Ferris Lane Animal Hospital, Dr. Julie Deroo & staff
Global Pet Foods, Essa Road location (Barrie, ON)
The Gordon and Patricia Gray Animal Welfare Foundation
Laura Koetje
Kevin Lucciola
Northern Orchards (Newmarket, ON)
Pet Valu, Essa Road location (Barrie, ON)
The Polar Foundation
Tire Depot, 110 Anne St, Barrie
Andrzej and Dana Taramina
Peter Tolnai
Thermoseal Roofing Systems Ltd.

We would also like to thank our current special volunteer
friends for their very precious time

Kat Berrington
Beth Boddy

Pete Collette
Sandi Collette
Evren Cubukgil
Alanna Davis
Mike Easson
Nikki Engel
Liz Ferreira
Courtney Giuliani
Jordan Harland
Laura Koe
Jennifer MacFarlane
Tiory Martin
Trevor McKenzie
Emily Melchiorre
Anne Riddell
Stephanie Russell-Baigent
Julie Silva
Rebecca Sousa
Ron Sterling
Dana Taramina

Kelly Tremblay
Lori Winott


Over the years, many other friends have volunteered and helped
out the Bear Creek Sanctuary and we sincerely thank them all from
the bottom of our hearts.