Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary Bears
Baloo - North American Bear
Baloo`s outside enclosure

Edna - North American Black Bear
BooBoo - North American Back Bear
Baloo - Black Bear
Boo Boo eating a tree
Boo Boo May 2005
("What did you do today?"
"Oh, got up, ate a tree...")

Baloo - Black Bear
Baloo growing up
Boo Boo eating moss
Boo Boo eating bear salad
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BooBoo - North American Black Bear

If you look closely you can see
Boo Boo's black claws in this
picture. They hide in her fur.

Contrary to the WSPA report of
Sept. 2005, Boo Boo is clearly not
declawed. There were dozens of errors
in the report. To read our response to
the WSPA report click here.

Another shot of a Boo Boo claw.
You can also see lots of claw
marks on her trees, a perfectly
natural black bear behaviour.