Miss Anna Macaque
???? - 2011
Miss Anna is a Japanese Macaque (muh-KAK). They are also known as a snow monkeys. She came to us from another sanctuary. We built a new enclosure for her and for her mate Chico who arrived about a month after Miss Anna did. After a brief but serious medical issue (related to her capture)) Miss Anna has settled in nicely.
Miss Anna is very glad to have Chico back!

Miss Anna passed away peacefully in the night in December of 2011. We miss her terribly.

Miss Anna Macaque
Miss Anna. Grooming is a comfort behaviour for primates.
Miss Anna Macaque
Long day, sleepy monkey.
Miss Anna Macaque
Macaques are Old World monkeys.
Miss Anna Macaque
Chico - Macaque
This is Chico, Anna's handsome husband. He will have his own page soon.
This dart was in Anna's leg when we got her. The whole thing was inside her. We are lucky she's alive.
Macaque enclosure
Thanks for helping us build our new enclosure Jordan!

Macaque Enclosure
Our new macaque enclosure has two sides with a door in between, so Anna and Chico can be separated safely and we can clean safely.

acaquw Enclosure
This enclosure cost about $5000 in materials to build. Monkeys don't make good pets!